Friday, March 31, 2017

“When the Spirit is alive in people, they wake up from their mechanical thinking and enter the realm of co-creative power. As in Ezekiel’s vision, the water flows from ankles to knees to waist to neck as the New Earth is hydrated. (Ezekiel 47:1-12) Like Pinocchio, we move from wooden to real. We transform from hurt people hurting other people to wounded healers healing others. Not just individually, but history itself keeps moving forward in this mighty move of Spirit unleashed.” ----Richard Rohr, The Divine  Dance, 146

You know I have spent many years trying to rouse myself from a sleep so deep that I often fool myself into thinking I am awake as I slumber. But I feel myself waking up! There is a movement, a subtle shift somewhere deep within. Energies are beginning to align and to flow with less and less hindrance. A dawning realization is creeping into my awareness, and I suddenly find myself dissatisfied with my own status quo! 

This is awfully uncomfortable, but necessary. Indeed, as much as I shrink away from it, I also welcome it. Because I know you are at work. Yet wherever you work there is always discord, strife, and resistance. You are not welcome in all situations and places and circumstances of my life. You seem to stir things up so that it appears chaos is on the loose to engage in its destructive power! 

Yet what you are doing is not chaotic. It is planned. It is purposeful. It is accurate and precise.

It is good! 

Keep reminding me of the goodness of what you are doing in my life, though it feels "uncomfortable" and challenging. Water the thirsty depths of my soul until I am overflowing with the Waters of Life. You are certainly the God who brings comfort, but only after the death blow to my ego and willful resistance to you has been delivered. 

So may my death be the means by which you transform me. 

Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. 

I want to be one of your healers, even in the midst of my woundedness. 

Bring healing, Lord. 

So be it.